Buying Books opposed to Digital

Buying used books opposed to Digital books:

Over the past several years I have noticed that it is increasingly more difficult to sell good books at auction. When I ask patrons about this, I am getting one answer more than any other. The answer is that with the internet and digital readers you can buy or obtain the information at any time you need it and do not need to line your shelves with books. I understand this very well and my self have many times bought a book in digital format because I need it immediately. I just wanted to take a few minutes and discuss the progression and offer a few thoughts that have recently come up in discussions with others.
One of the things I struggle with using digital formats is that when reading the books and magazines that you are typically doing so on a computer or tablet, so email, internet, Facebook, and many other distractions are at your fingertips and I end up getting sidetracked. With this being said if we remove books from our society I fear that people will stop reading as we know it today. Think of the feeling of fulfillment that you get from finishing a book. Today it is easier to go to the internet and read other peoples accounts of the book and reviews and never read the entire book.
Another thing is that books used to be an item for discussion and when an acquaintance would bring up a certain subject, you may tell them that you recently read a book about just that and would be more than happy to loan it to them. Think about the number of well known people that careers started by someone giving them a book and sparking an interest about a subject. It is very hard to loan someone a digital book and if you send them the link via email there is a good chance that it will be lost.
Also having library of books of your favorite type in your home is great feeling. This also leads to great conversations in the home or office when someone sees a book of common interest on your shelf. Think of the number of conversations that have happened because of a book that someone saw that you were reading or on your book shelf. If we go completely digital, this all goes away. Some would argue that you can do the same thing on social media, but then instead of having a conversation with the person in front of you you will now have it via social media instead of in person.
So please go out and buy some used books this week and fill your book shelves and loan some to your friends.
Happy bidding.

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