Why you should be attending auctions!

Why You Should Be Attending Auctions

The real reason why many people attend auctions is because they can find neat things at very good prices. However, there are more benefits beyond purchasing antiques for your shelves when attending auctions. Auctions are an advanced art education compared to anything a college can offer. At auctions, you learn history, psychology, business, sociology, communications, and a lot more. Below are more reasons why you should attend auctions.

Reasons Why you Should Go to Auctions

1. Fun and entertainment

Auctions can be fun and are an excellent form of entertainment for every participant.

2. A great way to shop

At auctions, you are provided with great ways to purchase items.

3. Several choice options to purchase items

At auctions, you have the option to decide how much money you want to pay for any item you bid for.

4. Auctions are educational

During an auction just look closely at other bidders to see what they are purchasing and how much money they are paying for the item.

5. Purchasing somewhat used items at great prices

During auctions, you will be able to purchase almost new items at a fraction of its original cost.

6. Meet new people

You will have the privilege of meeting a lot of friendly people during an auction.

7. Surprises

You can never know what you find during auctions. It could be an antique that you have always wanted to claim or an item that would have cost you a lot more if purchased elsewhere. You may even see items that remind you of memories or events from your childhood.

8. Add to your antique collection

Auctions are an excellent way to update to your antique collection or even start a new one (if you are someone who loves antiques).

9. Strike a bargain

Auctions provide an excellent way to strike a bargain on any item of your choosing.

10. Auctions are a social event

While people attend auctions looking for great deals, many others who attend walk away making friends.

11. Stay updated on the market

At auctions, you will find the most up-to-date market value for any item.

12. Find unique items

You are certain to find some fascinating and unique items at auctions.

13. Knowledge of art collection

Auctions provide you an excellent environment to learn everything about artwork and knowledge of how to start collecting artwork.

14. Include some of your history with purchased items

Auctions give you the opportunity to add or share some history or story with any item you buy.

15. Find out what's currently trending

At auctions, you can learn about items that are popular or trendy.

16. Friendly environment

Auctions promote the process of being green. They are environmentally friendly.

17. Buy items via the auction method

At auctions, you have a chance to buy any item that is sold only by the auction method.

18. Auctions are an American culture

Auctions are part of the American way of life. It has been so for decades now and continues to be so today.

19. A chance to bid on every item you desire

At auctions, you are given an equal chance to make a bid for every item you desire. You also have an option to buy any item you want at a fair price.

A Few Tips to Follow During Auctions

  • Most auctions are run on a number bidding system. For example at McCoy auction services there is a registration desk (the same place where participants pay) where you are obliged to provide a standard means of identification (on most occasions your driver's license). After which you are given a number which is usually written on a card that measures about 4 x 8 in size. It is best to bid by raising the card you were given at the registration desk.

  • Make sure you have the card ready. It isn't a smart move if someone bids first and then goes searching for his/her card. When/if you win a bid, the auctioneer will ask for your number. Be cautious and keep track of your bidding (what item you bid for and how much you paid for the item). The bidding card you are given usually has enough room for that information.
  • One major rule for every participant is, never bid on any item if you haven't looked at it or an item that no one is bidding for. You may feel no one is bidding for the item because they do not know how great a piece it is, however, the case may be that nobody is bidding because they found a crack at the back of the item. If you go on to bid for such an item, you may end regretting your actions.

  • Finally, before you settle in an auction, make sure you write down all the items you intend to bid for and which item you will bid highest for. It also a good idea your total budget for the auction in writing. Auctions may get emotional eventually making it easy for participants to get carried away. However, setting written limits before for hand will cub that problem.

  • Your first auction may still be a confusing and intimidating experience, but you still have to go either way. Make sure to set a low bidding limit for yourself during the first few auctions. Just watch and listen (double-checking). Purchase whatever you like, not just any item that seems cheap. It is normal to make a few mistakes along the way so do not be disappointed. Tell your friends about the whole event (both successful bids and proposals that got away).